Accessing Internet in North Cyprus

Internet in North Cyprus is widely common at present. The types of internet that you can use is dial up connection, dsl or wifi. Dial up connection is not used in North Cyprus anymore as it is very old technology. Wifi connection is available in all major towns. Almost all hotels provides wifi internet connection to their guests. Some hotels charge for hourly basis however some provides for free. Dsl connection is not widely used in North Cyprus. Generally businesses and house owners prefers this connection. In order to use dsl connection you have to have a cable connection.

Besides these alternatives, Gsm mobile companies provides portable modem internet connection which is very widely used in North Cyprus. You just get the modem put it on your laptop and start using it and then pay for this monthly at a reasonable rates.

Major towns are also provides you with a choice of internet cafes. Cafes rates are about 1 TL per session (usually an hour). If you stay in a apartment or villa and do not want to pay for a internet connection find a hotel that offers free wifi, take your laptop with you when you drive there in your North Cyprus hire car to there, and sit and browse while having a coffee in the hotel lobby. No one asks you why you are there.

Some of the main internet providers in North Cyprus are, Extend Broadband and Nethouse Networks who have offices in all major towns.


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