Useful Information in North Cyprus

When you are dialling from a mobile phone in Northern Cyprus, you have to enter the code 0090 392 followed by the required local number. İf you dialing a mobile number you have to dial 0090 533… or 0090 542… which are the code numbers of two different Networks in North Cyprus.


Ambulance : 112
Fire : 199
Forest fire : 177
Police : 155
Kyrenia hospital : 815 2266/815 2254
Lefkosa hospital : 228 5441
Famagusta hospital : 366 2876
Guzelyurt hospital : 714 2124
British High Commission : 288 3861


Fevzi Çakmak Street, Tel: 366 28 64, 366 06 36, 366 53 32

City center : 227 29 94, 228 96 29

Kordonboyu Tel: 815 21 45, 815 60 79, 815 21 18

Güzelyurt Municipality , Tel: 714 20 18

Iskele Municipality : 371 25 21

Tel: 374 49 84


Government offices :

Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Friday: 08:00-15:30
Thursday: 08:00-13:00, 14:00-17:00



When dialling North Cyprus, you will need to dial 0090 followed by the relevant code depending on if it is a landline or a mobile. If dialling a landline the code will be 392, or for mobile's, if the service provider is Telsim you will use 542, and for Turkcell 533. (most people will give you the full number so you should already know which one to use). This will then be followed by the persons personal number.

When dialling the UK from North Cyprus, you will need to dial 0044, followed by the number, omitting the initial 0.


The currency in North Cyprus is Turkish Lira. As with other currencies, the exchange rate fluctuates daily. There are plenty of money exchange bureau's in all of the main cities. You can also withdraw Turkish Lira from the numerous ATM's or, alternatively, most restaurants and shops will accept payment from a major debit or credit card. If you think you might use your card abroad, you will need to inform your bank before going on holiday, to make sure there are no block's put on your card. Travellers cheques and Scottish banknotes are not widely accepted and can be difficult to exchange. Most restaurants and shops will also accept Sterling, Euro's and US dollar notes, but any change will be given in Turkish Lira.


The voltage supply is 220/240. As in the UK, 3 pin plugs are used on most things and you will rarely need an adapter.


Driving is on the left hand side, the same as in the UK. To be able to hire a car you will need your driving licence, passport and must be over the age of 25. You will need to carry your car hire agreement form with you when driving, together with your driving licence. Dangerous driving, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, will not be tolerated and you will receive a heavy fine if you are stopped by the police. You cannot park where you see double yellow lines or black and white kerb stones.


North Cyprus is an all year place to visit as the temperature is still nice even through the winter. However if can get cooler during the evenings.

Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
15c 18c 19c 22c 26c 30c 33c 32c 29c 27c 23c 18c
60f 65f 66f 72f 79f 88f 93f 91f 86f 81f 73f 65f


North Cyprus is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. British Summertime operates exactly as it does in the UK, with clocks moved a head one hour in March and back one hour in October.


The language spoken in North Cyprus is Turkish. However, English is also widely spoken. Most hotel and restaurant staff will speak some English and are always happy to learn more. They will also be pleased hear you try a little Turkish, even if it's "please" - lutfen, "thank you" - tesekkur ederiz, "hello" - merhaba or "the bill please" - hesap lutfen.


1 Bir Beer
2 İki Icky
3 Üç Ooch
4 Dört Dirt
5 Beş Besh
6 Altı Al-ter
7 Yedi Yah-dee
8 Sekiz Sekeez
9 Dokuz Dockooz
10 On On


January 1 - New Year's Day
April 23 - Turkish National Sovereignty and Children's Day
May 1 - Labour Day
May 19 - Atatürk Commemoration and Youth & Sports Day
July 20 - Turkish Intervention (Peace and Freedom Day)
August 1 - Establishment date of T.M.T (Social Resistance Day
August 30 - Zafer Bayram (Victory Day)
October 29 - Turkish Republic Day
November 15 - Republic Day of T. R. N. C.

* Ramazan (End of Ramadan) or Seker Bayram (Sugar Bayram) (3 days holiday)
* Kurban Bayram (Feast of the Sacrifice) (4 days holiday)


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